Making Antiques a Business


Antique dealers are professionals who sell antiques in a permanent location and also at fairs.

Buying antiques can be from a dealer or at an auction. For many, there several advantages to buy antiques from a dealer rather than from an auction, because you will not need t hurry in your decision unlike in an auction moment. The dealer will give you the exact price of the antique you have chosen, while during auction, you will have to worry on adding the auction house premium on the price you bought.

In auction houses, they sell the pieces even if slightly damaged, while most quality dealers would have the items repaired and restored to its good state before selling the piece. This would mean no extra restoration costs on your part.

Many dealers are very excited of their collections and would be very happy to give you information about the piece that you will buy. Some dealers will look for the special piece you are looking for, and sometimes buy back the items you bought from them in the past so you have an upgrade of your collection.

Asking information about the antique you want to buy is a good idea. An enthusiastic dealer would be very happy to give you the advantages and disadvantages of the antiques glass you are planning to purchase. A reputable dealer has the knowledge to tell you of the origin of the item, the material it is made of, and from where the item was obtained.

There are also some small local boot sale that are good places to hunt some not so expensive and rare items. Local boot sale usually opens very early morning, and if you want to be ahead of the dealers, bring some light so you can inspect the item before paying it. In boot sale, the prices are flexible and you can bargain from the seller, just bring low value notes and coins. It is recommended to ask for the name and address of the person you are buying from the item, and if possible get his or her car’s license or plate number.

There is a city in the West, with residents with a high income level, that has many excellent antique dealers and shops that are opened. In this place, you can find excellent antique pieces from early American, Spanish colonial, European and Oriental age.

Several people love to collect and enjoy having antiques. Some would turn this love for quality antiques into a business venture. A dealer or a collector share the same love for things that are old. We know that the true definition of antique is that it is still in good shape and has withstood the test of time.

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